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DIVA Gel Superflow

DIVA Gel Superflow


The Diva Gel Superflow, our single most popular saddle, is designed and produced specifically for the needs of women riders and it delivers unparalleled comfort and performance. It is part of our Sportouring group, for bike aficionados who appreciate durability, ride quality, comfort, and style.

Built upon TI 316 rails, which are lightweight yet strong, the woman-specific Diva Gel Superflow features a wide central “Superflow” cut-out for pressure relief, plus it has increased padding that’s topped with a vibration-absorbing layer of gel. A technical microfiber cover ensures great looks and long term durability. The Diva Gel Superflow perfectly suits women’s needs in both style and technical characteristics, and comes in two sizes, S3 (135 mm wide; 275 g) for narrow intertrochanteric distance, and L3 (152 mm wide; 285 g) for wide intertrochanteric distance, as measured by the idmatch Smart Caliper system.


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