Code of Ethics


Our Code of Ethics

Our Values

- People who display integrity, respect, and team spirit;

- People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to be leaders;

- People who construct solid relationships based on doing the right thing.


Living and working in a complex and highly competitive economic context obliges each and every one of us to make challenging and difficult decisions every day in order for us to remain dynamic and productive.

The professional expertise and integrity with which we face these challenges by working within our global organization creates and preserves the Selle Italia Srl reputation.

Our Code of Ethics offers unequivocal rules of behaviour to adopt in our business activity.

Our Code of Ethics offers each one of us an ethical and behavioural framework capable of orienting our conduct in the demanding choices we are required to make.

Each time that we face an ethical-behavioural problem, each one of us knows that he or she is responsible for response through a code of action that fully reflects our values.

The complete respect of our Code of Ethics is fundamentally important for us, and I ask each and every one of you to assume personal responsibility for its complete respect.

By honouring the obligations contained in our Code of Ethics, we send a clear message to everyone regarding our commitment to uphold ethics and produce quality in everything that we do.

Through all this, we increase the reputation of Selle Italia Srl and meet the expectations of our own personnel, our clients, and the market in which we work.


The SELLE ITALIA SLR Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics provides the framework upon which each one of our decisions is based,

both at individual level and as company members. Our Code of Ethics is rooted in our values and principles and must provide the basis for our every action.

Our Code of Ethics consists of six categories that contain the guidelines that must be applied by all Selle Italia Slr personnel for the orientation of their actions in the various areas of activity:

1. Working with one another

2. Working with customers and others

3. Acting with professional integrity

4. Maintaining objectivity and independence

5. Respecting human capital

6. Respecting economic and intellectual capital


Everyone who works at Selle Italia Slr must operate in accordance with the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics. Whenever difficulties arise in the comprehension of the principles contained in the Code or uncertainty arises in regard to their application, personnel are required to consult a duly qualified colleague capable of providing appropriate response.

The Code of Ethics is applied to all Selle Italia Slr personnel regardless of their role, position, or experience.

We promote and support our Code of Ethics in our daily activity through our own personal leadership and the leadership of the organization of which we are a part.

Each one of is required to act in accordance with the principles laid out in the Code of Ethics. We stimulate consultation and request for advice from the human resources appointed to provide assistance in the application of the Code whenever required.

We are fully aware that any departure from or violation of the Code of Ethics is unacceptable and must consider ourselves free to bring such examples to the attention of the colleagues appointed without fear of retaliation.

Selle Italia Slr will not tolerate discrimination or retaliation in any form for reports, made in good faith, of illegal or unethical types of behaviour.

Each one of us is fully aware that a violation of our Code of Ethics may result in the adoption of measures that lead to the termination of our work relationship with the company.

We confirm our acceptance of the principles contained in the Code of Ethics and our commitment to respect them in every way.


Our commitment

We construct our relationships on the basis of the mutual trust and of the conviction that each one undertakes, at both personal and professional levels, the commitment to doing the right thing.

We agree to communicate with honesty and sincerity.

We pledge to work in heterogeneous groups and to assume personal responsibility towards the other members of the group for the contributions we ourselves bring.

We rely on one another to supply high-quality products and services to our clients and for our own personal development.

We pursue integrity, respect, and teamwork.

We consult one another and give due attention to the opinions of others and ideas that place our own point of view under discussion.

We appreciate the experience and diversity of different cultures as part of the strength of our organization. This is the reason why we base our relationships on reciprocal respect and on the creation of an open and tolerant atmosphere that is free from prejudice, discrimination, and intimidation.

We work with one another and with our customers.

We have committed ourselves to constantly rewarding our clients’ trust in us.

We respect all the standards and regulations that govern our activity and actively collaborate to ensure that our actions are constantly aligned to the changing needs of the market.

We refuse to work unethically or illegally under any circumstances at all.

We intend to avoid relationships with clients, suppliers, and others whose practices are incompatible with our Code of Ethics.

No client or any other external relationship is more important than the ethics, integrity, and reputation of Selle Italia Slr.

We promote a culture of encounter and exchange.

We consider problems of ethical nature and consult one another for their solution.We refuse to hide from or ignore criticism.


Our competitive approach

We are fully aware that our competitive advantage is created by the excellence of our products and by the quality of our services.

We compete with force and dynamism, while fully realizing the need to keep our approach to competition honest.

We act with professional integrity and objectivity.

We affirm and maintain our objectivity and independence, openly accepting constructive criticism of our activity.

We maintain awareness of any and all possible conflicts of interest, taking adequate and timely measures to eliminate or manage any such conflict that arises.

We adopt pro-active measures appropriate to the protection of our documents, our computers, and all the systems that contain personal data or reserved information.

We do not use reserved information for personal advantage.

We obtain, develop, and defend intellectual property rights in the most appropriate ways and respect the restrictions on the copy and use of the same.

We use and share the heritage of internal and external knowledge in respect of precise company procedures and the obligations prescribed by law.

We are aware that no Code of Ethics can cover every circumstance and that certain occasions may require resort to assistance and support from other resources for the management of particular situations that may arise during ordinary daily operations.

We have always promoted an approach based on consultation. In addition to our already-consolidated internal relations, we have created an assistance service that helps each one of us request consultation and advice in regard to respecting the obligations derived from the Code.

Our Code of Ethics provides each one of us with a framework of reference for ethical questions in order to ensure that correct decisions are made. The principles contained in our Code of Ethics provide clear indications on the behaviour to adopt based on our values in every aspect of our activity.