Ready for whatever you can think of, the SLR TM shines thanks to its fantastic reliability and resistance.

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Adding manganese rails to the proven and iconic SLR creates the durable and comfortable SLR TM. High-quality materials and an expert design bring a level of high performance to any endurance ride or race event at a great price. Ready for leisure rides or group cycles, the extra padding keeps you moving freely without compromising output. Finished with a Fibra-Tek material, this saddle is one of the most reliable that you'll ever use.

Technical Specifications

Weight 233 g
Dimensions 131 x 275 mm
Rail Manganese Tube Ø7 mm
Intended use Road
Family SLR

Materials and Shapes

Technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime. 

Tubular structure in Cromoly and Manganese alloy. Light and flexible at the same time, ø 7 mm.

Neutral shape (anatomical) saddles provide appropriate support for both cyclist with anterior pelvic rotation (dynamic riders) and those with posterior pelvic rotation (static riders).

SLR TM | S1,Black


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