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Be part of the Selle Italia experience

Choose your “battle”. Tarmac or dirt? Do you always pull all the stops out or do you prefer to admire the landscape?
Do you enjoy a tough uphill ride or do you get more of kick out of the adrenaline rush of a downhill slope?
Take up the gauntlet and rise to the challenge. Show us how good you are on the social networks and you will become our star collaborator.
You will enjoy unrepeatable experiences and have the opportunity to indulge your sports passion.

Which warrior are you?

Weekend Warrior
You start to plan your Saturday and Sunday outing (“and” not “or”) on Monday morning at 9. Mileage, vertical climbs, clobber and maintenance: nothing is left to chance- the only thing you don’t bother checking is the weather forecast. You are going anyhow. All-year-round glutton for punishment. Go-getting badass.
Mr. 53-11
Each time you go out you, it is all or nothing. You step up the gears like you were Cipollini with a vengeance. And if your average goes down by a whit as compared to the last time, it puts you in a sulk for 3 days. You would ride two abreast on your way to the supermarket too.
Granfondo addicted
You never miss one. You know the sportive schedule by heart for the entire year and you have a dedicated wardrobe stuffed with goody bags. If someone asks you: “do you do the short, medium or long route?” you smile at them pityingly without answering.
Over the top
Do you like to suffer or what?! When you get to the end of the plains and the path rises steeply, you feel a surge of excitement and an irresistible impulse to stand up in your pedals and spurt towards an imaginary horizon. Mileage doesn’t count: you only think in terms of climb. If someone happens to mention an Alpine pass you don’t know, it really gets to you… Pure masochism.
Adrenaline junkie
Downhill like a dart. Adrenaline is like a drug to you. The last time you used your brakes in descent was an event to be remembered. Ski slopes, vertical walls and sharp drops – you plummet down them all like a mad missile. Anything under 50%? Plateaus are only good for family picnics. Falls and fractures don’t daunt you: it’s all good experience. Crazy.
Hero for a day
Never-ending routes, incredible elevation gain and sheer slog: in a nutshell, MTB marathon. As far as you are concerned, a mountain bike is this or nothing. No sweat, no mud, no glory. In the meantime, you build up to it with gruelling training sessions and endless big talk on cycling forums.
Easy rider
As the name says, a MTB was designed to go up and down mountain slopes, but you don’t really care about that. You hate steep slopes. Your objective is to avoid excessive toil and to enjoy the beauty of the surrounds. In good company, if possible. The end justifies the means. Or was it the other way round?
The blithe cyclist
You get the same gratification from the coffee break as you do from the rest of the ride. Actually, perhaps the coffee is slightly better… Even if you usually have to gulp it down whilst your fellow riders grumble impatiently because they want to be off. Your friends fondly refer to as a “namby pamby”, but you know that you are simply more easygoing and less driven than that demented bunch. Anyhow, who cares if you get to the top when everyone else has finished watering and feeding and is taken up with selfies from every possible angle. At least you didn’t have to get there with your belly flat and your heart beating wildly. You had your head up to admire the magnificent view. It is your destiny to bring up the behind. Blithely.
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