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Kitting out and safety: Smootape for a perfect grip

Kitting out and safety: Smootape for a perfect grip


An innovative bar tape which makes for a particularly pleasant and safe grip on the handlebar because the smooth overlapping of the edges gets rid of any unevenness.


Always wear a helmet, use a rear-view mirror for road riding, make sure you are perfectly visible, ride carefully, avoid taking pointless risks when going downhill… there is a lot more to bike safety than first meets the eye, and one other factor is gripping the handlebar as firmly as possible so you have total control over the vehicle whatever the outing throws at you.

One aspect that contributes to a good grip is bar taping: it is much more than just a detail and Selle Italia is acutely aware of its importance.

If the tape is not made from the right material or if it has a poor shape, it will adhere badly and the edges will have to be overlapped. This leads to unevenness which will cause discomfort whilst gripping, not to mention it looking ugly too.

All cyclists know that a poorly wrapped tape tends to loosen and shift around, causing the rider to move his hands constantly up and down to find a better grip.

When that happens, what is uppermost on the cyclist’s mind is getting back home and changing the tape.

Smootape – an international Selle Italia patent Our company relies on its own invaluable approach to create a hi-tech bar tape which does away with all these problems. It applies research and highly innovative technology to develop cutting-edge and extraordinarily functional products which offer both top performance standards and superb comfort and total safety for the rider.

To make it quite clear what we mean, we should first dispel a common misconception: although it is true that cyclists tend to be fussy about style and perfectionist about aesthetics, and this may seem out of proportion to some, this obsessiveness stems from the knowledge that when you are in the saddle you cannot afford any distractions that would jeopardise your safety. An annoying detail, a vexatious noise, a slight feeling of discomfort, the sensation that you are not quite in order: It doesn’t take much to disturb your concentration. So, being properly kitted out, and this includes apparently insignificant details, helps to keep danger at bay.


The ideal bar tape: perfection is control

Whichever variant you choose, Smootape will protect you against dangerous distractions.

Create an easy grip by stepping up comfort levels and rely on the total absence of ridges, bulges or patchiness caused by overlapping turns and twists when traditional bar tape is used.

The pleasant smoothness and snug fit provided by Smootape is achieved by the special flared edges on either side of the tape which merge neatly without creating any irregularities or bumpiness.

A perfectly smooth and evenly taped surface will also keep out the dirt, meaning the bike stays cleaner longer. Tough and easy to replace, Smootape comes in an array of different materials, colours and textures and is available in 4 versions to suit the needs and personality of all cyclists.


Smootape Corsa

A smooth bar tape to effectively absorb road buzz for outperformance on the road: Smootape Corsa is available in 10 different colours which are bound to suit all tastes.


Smootape Granfondo

Reinforced to effectively absorb road buzz. Ideal to ensure high comfort levels even for long-distance rides. Available in 10 different colours.


Smootape Classica

Smooth leather bar tape imbued with peerless style and a timeless vibe. It successfully strikes a balance between beautiful vintage materials and vanguard modern technology. It effectively absorbs road buzz and is highly breathable. Available in 4 different colours.


Smootape Controllo

Effective road-buzz absorption and an enhanced textured surface with a double layer of PU & EVA padding, making it easier to tackle dirt tracks and off-road circuits. Available in 10 different colours.






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