Team Lexware

Georg Egger
Heiko Gutmann
David Horvath
Anna Saier
David List
Jannick Zurnieden
Torben Drach
Luca Schwarzenbauer
Andreas Kleiber
Lars Koch
Matthias Bettinger
Maximilian Brandl

Foundation year: 2008
Headquarter / activity location: Kirchzarten, Germany
Victories, relevant races:
- 7 medals at European Championships
- 7 medals at World Championships
- 15 German national titles
Riding: Scott
Distinguishing marks: to help young riders grow up, not only on the bike

Established in 2008 by Daniel Berhe, the team is based in Kirchzarten – a village at the foot of the Black Forest, close to Freiburg, Germany. In the meantime, the team has become one of the most successful Mountainbike Teams worldwide in the categories U23 and Juniors. In recent years, we were able to win 14 medals at European and World Championships and 15 German National Titles. Our next major goal are the Olympic Games in Tokyo! #GoTokyo2020

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