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SCRL Scarcez

SCRL Scarcez

  • Who has created the shop concept? When?
    Marc Scarcez in 1970.
  • What kind of shop is yours? Main features, usual customer profile, best-practice.
    A store with an extensive range with a lot of electric bikes, mountainbikes an race bikes.
  • Define yourself in 3 words.
    Choice, quality, service
  • Above all the services offered by your shop – which do you consider the more distinctive one?
    i.e.: Why a biker should come to your shop?
    Because of the service and the choice.
  • Which idmatch tools do you have available?
    ID Smart Caliper
  • What do you think about Selle Italia’s scientific approach to saddle choice? Is it an added value for customers? Which kind of feedbacks do you receive from those bikers who have chosen their saddles through the idmatch measuring system?
    It’s great that Selle Italia has created a measuring tool that can predict precisely which saddle is the best choice for the customer. It gives the customer more comfort and a better choice.
  • The history of your relationship with Selle Italia.
    The product is becoming more popular by the day.
  • Which are the main features to be taken into consideration when buying a new saddle?
    Saddle positioning: which are the most common mistakes done by bikers while assembling their saddle on the bike?
    Poor height, length and inclination
  • Where do you think the bike market is going? How will be the shop of the future looking like?
    We will see more and more electric bikes. It’s important for shop owners to have a huge passion for the bike and you should be able to adapt to new market situations.

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Name: SCRL Scarcez Foundation year: 1970 Address: Rue de Dinant 140, 5570 Beauring Staff: 4 Primary brands: Trek, Scott, Orbea, Giant Phone: +3282711913 Website




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