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  • Who has created the shop concept? When?
    Jean-Michel Poisket in 1999.
  • What kind of shop is yours? Main features, usual customer profile, best-practice.
    We have a 1100m² shop that focuses on race, mountain bike, electronic mountain bike, triathlon, city bikes, electric city bikes, bikes for children et cetera. It’s a store for cyclists and electric bike riders.
  • Define yourself in 3 words.
    Pro, service, expert.
  • Above all the services offered by your shop – which do you consider the more distinctive one?
    i.e.: Why a biker should come to your shop?
    Because we are experts and we have a great choice and a high quality service.
  • Which idmatch tools do you have available?
    ID Match Smart Caliper.
  • What do you think about Selle Italia’s scientific approach to saddle choice? Is it an added value for customers? Which kind of feedbacks do you receive from those bikers who have chosen their saddles through the idmatch measuring system?
    It’s a great evolution. Our customers are very satisfied and will get 90% of the time the right saddle.
  • The history of your relationship with Selle Italia.
    It develops in a positive way.
  • Which are the main features to be taken into consideration when buying a new saddle?
    Saddle width and way of use.
  • Saddle positioning: which are the most common mistakes done by bikers while assembling their saddle on the bike?
  • Height, inclination and recoil
  • Where do you think the bike market is going? How will be the shop of the future looking like?
    Electric bikes will become more and more important. Shops should have a large area with enough choice and a big focus on the quality of service.

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Name: Bicyclic Foundation year: 1999 Address: Rue Chaussée 2b 4342 Hognoul, Belgium Staff: 20 (soon 4 stores) Cube, Scott, BMC, Pinarello, Riese Muller, Orbea, Cannondale Phone: +3243880031 Website




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