Team Novo Nordisk: Winning Breakaway On Diabetes | News from cycling


Andrea, David, Brian, Chris, Charles, along with all their team-mates in the Pro Cycling Team Novo Nordisk, have a great story to tell.
A story of courage and determination, effort and hope. A story with the perfume of victory, whatever the results.
Too much rhetoric? Maybe, but so be it, if it can serve to support and encourage the millions of diabetes patients around the world who, because of their illness, think that they will not be able to live the life they dreamed of.
Exactly, because we forgot to mention that all the cyclists in the Team Novo Nordisk have diabetes, but that doesn’t stop them from taking part in the most important races in the UCI international calendar.
And Selle Italia is always at their side – more specifically under their hips – helping them to do their best in every situation. The most suitable saddle is chosen for each rider with the revolutionary Idmatch measuring system: on the basis of precise morphological parameters, it helps to find the ideal solution, offering each one the best in comfort and consequently the best in performance.

Racing against prejudice
If in 20% of cases, people with diabetes feel they are discriminated against and negatively affected in their everyday life, this unique cycling team provides the right example for changing perception and making it clear that with diabetes you can do a lot more than people usually think. Even sports at top level. Their Captain Andrea Peron was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of16 years and he says, “When I’m in the saddle, I don’t feel like a rider with diabetes, but only like a rider.”
The Mission of the Pro Cycling Team is to carry a message of positivity and confidence around the world.

The next stages
After the Milan-San Remo and the tour of Azerbaijan – where David Lozano finished excellently in the top 20 – the team is now leaving for the Tour of California which will start on 15 May. Social networks contribute to spreading the news about the project: more than 1 million fans interact routinely with the team, almost double that of any other professional team.
To participate and give your support on Twitter, you need to use the hashtag #teamnovonordisk.
Enjoy your ride, guys. Enjoy your life!


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