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Two limited edition saddles for a liaison dedicated to enthusiasts of legendary epic cycling

Selle Italia’s ascent towards conquering the most important world cycling events continues. After the collaboration with the Giro d’Italia, which has been active for nineteen years, the partnership between the company from Asolo and the Tour de France is once again confirmed this year. Its legendary “yellow jersey” achievements by champions such as Eddy Merckx, Marco Pantani, Miguel Indurain and Alberto Contador are still engraved in our collective memory.

A deep relationship, fuelled by an unstoppable passion:

“The Tour de France is a legend which shines in the hearts of all fans – confirms Giuseppe Bigolin, President and Owner of Selle Italia – and one which represents, perhaps more than any other race, the essence of cycling and its legend. This is the reason why our company has decided to be part of the legend and to share with the “Grand Boucle” the combination of performance and comfort which has always distinguished the greatest successes of Selle Italia”.

A unique collaboration which includes the launch of an exclusive line of four collectors’ pieces which reinterpret two Selle Italia models dedicated to the Tour: the SLR Boost and the SP-01 Boost, both stars of a Special Edition Tour de France characterised by details in the iconic yellow of the Tour and by the logo of one of the events most loved by fans around the world.

The two models chosen are both part of the “short-fit saddles” family, in the Selle Italia catalogue range for some time now, constantly capable of anticipating and interpreting the latest trends and requests from athletes and enthusiasts in an innovative manner. The most interesting features of the two saddles include the Suspension Link Movement technology applied to the SP-01 Boost, which “divides” the rear of the saddle into two independent parts, allowing greater flexibility and supporting the pedal stroke, and the “featherweight” feature of the SLR Boost, whose 122 g ensure it is currently the lightest short-fit saddle on the market.

The two TDF Special Edition models are available either with TI316 or Manganese rails and both in the Superflow version (idmatch S3/L3), which helps to reduce the possibility of problems caused by prolonged pressure on the pelvic area.


Technical features of the SLR Boost saddle

The new Selle Italia model was created from an evolution of the iconic SLR saddle, historically linked to the name of great champions such as Contador and Ballan. Thanks to the highest quality technologies and materials, at 122 grams the lightness of the SLR Boost is unsurpassed by any other short-fit saddle available. In addition, the unmistakable elegance and a length of almost 25 mm less than the traditional version of the SLR (248 mm against 275 mm), deservedly award the new SLR Boost with the title of leader

of the new short-fit saddle range. Refined aesthetics combined with unparalleled comfort, thanks to its compact structure, the slight rise on the back and the micro-perforated cover which help to easily find and keep the ideal sitting position, ensuring proper support for the ischial bones and preventing any crushing problems.

In addition, the SLR Boost has a redesigned tip which allows to further increase the comfort during the thrust phase and to fully exploit the features of the saddle. Moreover, adjustments become easier, thanks to a glossy black line applied to the lower part of the frame that indicates the position of the BRP (Biomechanical Reference Point), the point where the saddle reaches the width of 70 mm and from which the parameters for correct positioning should be measured.


Technical features of the SP-01 Boost saddle

SP-01 Boost: compact shape, bevelled tip and the exclusive Suspension Link Movement, a technology which includes two independent rear parts. The extraordinary level of comfort that the saddle offers is provided precisely by the movement of two parts which move to adapt to the movements of the pelvis, thus ensuring greater pedalling freedom, lateral flexion and cushioning capacity. The contribution of this technology and the slim shape ensure the brand from Asolo establishes a new avant-garde frontier in the field of saddles: The SP-01 is designed for a new, dynamic and aggressive pedalling style, while remaining a perfect synthesis of performance, comfort and style. Its futuristic design, inspired by the automotive sector and characterised by aggressive and slender lines, perfectly matches its unique technical content. Laser graphics complete the outstanding aesthetics.




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