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Selle Italia and the electric revolution

Selle Italia and the electric revolution

Selle Italia always has an eye on the trends and changes in the two-wheel world, and now is taking a leading role in the booming sector of assisted pedal bikes, or e-bikes, which thanks to their undeniable advantages, at the moment are extremely popular with all sorts of bikers.

E-bike users’ requirements are very different from those of traditional bike users, therefore, Selle Italia has taken into consideration the peculiarities and designed the ideal saddles for these particular users, creating a new line created specifically to e-bikes.


New saddles, new design, new technology

Design, specific ergonomics and ad hoc materials able to significantly improve users’ experience are the strong points of the new range of Selle Italia e-saddles.

Particular attention has gone into solving the inconveniences that extra speed, weight and dynamism, as well as prolonged use, may cause e-bikers; therefore, solutions are all aimed at providing maximum comfort.


Five models, same comfort

The 5 models in the range stand out for their appealing design, with elegant light and dark blue finishes, and all feature the letter “e” in the graphics.

In terms of technology, the  3 off-road models (X-LR E-Bike Superflow; X-Land E-Bike; X-Land E-Bike Superflow) and the  2 Gran Turismo models (Max Flite E-Bike Gel Superflow; Lady E-Bike Gel Flow) offer unique solutions. The first is the Climb Control technology, which can be identified by its specific icon: it features a slight rise on the back end of the saddle to prevent the rider from slipping backwards.
This issue, very common among e-bike users, is felt especially during steep climbs, but also during “assisted” accelerations, when reactivity is significant. Thanks to Climb Control, the ideal position of the body on the saddle does not change, guaranteeing comfort and efficient pedalling in every situation. The inclination of the saddle varies between 15% and 22%, depending on the model and the specific use for which it was designed.


Another difference compared to traditional saddles is in the cover. The e-saddles in the new line, are covered in Tek – Mokka fibre, a next-generation material that offers durability and resistance, improving comfort thanks to its softness.

Anyone who is not used to spending a long time on a bike can choose one of the gel padded models, with a softer feel, ideal for long distances.





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