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Roc d’Azur and Selle Italia: when off-road meets comfort

Roc d’Azur and Selle Italia: when off-road meets comfort

Roc d’Azur is one of the most famous and popular international off-road happenings. It involves 5 whole days packed with races in different disciplines, exhibitions, shows and events. A legendary occasion for riders worldwide, each year it draws over 20,000 cycling buffs to the enchanting Var countryside situated in France between Provence and the Côte d’Azur – a breathtaking region ensconced between the mountains and the Mediterranean which affords spectacular circuits of varying difficulty and lengths.

Enjoy your Roc!
Although the Roc d’Azur needs no introduction, you will be interested to find out about a new development for the year 2018. For its 35th edition, due to take place between 10 and 14 October, it will be entering into a “partnership” with Selle Italia: a sponsorship agreement which pays tribute to the abiding passion and relentless attention to detail that Selle has always reserved for the MTB universe, as borne witness to by the spanking-new and technologically advanced X-LR saddle, carefully specced to provide supreme comfort during off-road rides.

Children, rookies, devotees and professionals, whatever category you belong to, Roc d’Azur has a whole array of routes available. Everyone will be able to find something that suits their pace. Age and level of fitness are not an issue. The only thing that counts is cycling, having fun and getting the chance to indulge in your favourite sport….And it was this winning approach that inspired Selle Italia to become an event partner in 2018.

For cycling in general, and for off-road disciplines in particular (which, incidentally, have helped greatly to spread the love of cycling at all levels in recent times) finding your own perfect saddle is crucial if you want to enjoy the outing to the full, experience the excitement of this marvellous sport and improve your technique.

Here at Selle Italia, we firmly believe in the importance of a good saddle, and just as the success of Roc d’Azur lies in the wide choice, variety and quality of the events made available to cycling buffs, our own achievements can be traced to our idea of enabling cyclists to scientifically identify which saddle is best suited to their body, thus allowing them to choose their favourite from a vast range and to get the most out of their rides.

So the union between Roc d’Azur and Selle Italia can definitely be defined as a marriage “of love” which will keep going strong as we strive towards our common objective: cycling at its best – which means passion, commitment and ease.

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