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Indoor Cycling: How to choose the most suitable saddle

Indoor Cycling: How to choose the most suitable saddle


The Covid-19 emergency, the low winter temperatures and the lack of light of this season represent the main obstacles for cycling enthusiasts who want to continue training consistently and effectively. The immediate solution to these kind of problems is to train directly from home using the rollers and/or the new Smart Trainers and, perhaps, organizing a session on the Zwift with your training partners.

However, training on the rollers – even if it is very effective at a muscular and aerobic level – is totally different from a normal training session on the road or on a mountain bike. The physical effort changes, the intensity changes, the duration of training changes but – above all – the use and impact of the saddle on the cyclist changes.

So what is the most suitable type of saddle for training on the rollers?

Many cyclists spend even more than six hours on the rollers and this has a significant impact on the traditional contact points with the bike. In particular, prolonged use of the rollers – in a more or less stable position on the saddle – also involves an increase in pressure on the perineal area with the consequent risk of inflammation and / or the formation of other possible discomforts.

Extra Padding and Gel.

To avoid as much as possible the arising of these problems and discomforts, Selle Italia always suggests – for an effective and pleasant indoor training – to use saddles that have an increased padding and, possibly, Gel inside it.

The layer of Gel, placed just under the saddle cover, helps to significantly reduce the pressure of the ischial bones and allows to maintain a regular blood flow in the perineal area, avoiding soreness and reducing the possibility of the appearance of subcutaneous sores.

The Gel we have adopted has been studied and tested by numerous cyclists – professional and amateurs – practicing “Endurance” sports and – precisely for this reason – it represents an excellent solution to increase comfort without altering one’s position in the saddle.

The Superflow central cutout.

Furthermore, to increase the feeling of comfort during indoor training, we always recommend adopting a saddle with a central “Superflow” hole (idmatch sizes S3 / L3). The Superflow “technology” allows – thanks to the large central cutout of the saddle – to relieve pressure from the perineal area and avoid the appearance of inflammation by increasing comfort.

Obviously, the problems related to the saddle are extremely subjective, linked to the sensitivity of the cyclist and the positioning of the same on the bike. However, these small but effective tips can significantly improve the “indoor cycling” experience of each of us.

Our  suggested models

Here are some recommended models for indoor cycling:




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