The Giro is passed to Asolo we tell you the emotions we have experienced.


The Tour of Italy came our way, it passed right through Asolo, the place we call home. We cannot start to describe the effect this had on us.

The eleventh stage of the ninety-ninth edition of the Giro D’Italia culminated at Asolo, a stone’s throw from our headquarters. It provided us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the magical atmosphere created by such an extraordinary event, a priceless occasion that only cycling enthusiasts can understand. Selle Italia is a benchmark for excellence in the cycling sector and it has been intrinsically linked to the Giro for twenty years now. A shared heritage rich in events and peppered with illustrious names and glorious feats: achievements seared in the memory of onlookers and cycling lovers for eternity. In view of this intertwined destiny, the fact that the Giro stopped at Asolo could have been nothing but a tribute to our company which ended up being a coveted rendezvous for anyone who experienced the exhilaration of the finishing line.


We took the chance to show our new products to the sales force and to the international press and broached topics close to our heart such as cycling safety with our friends. Thus, our doors swung open to the public who were given a privileged glimpse of miniature masterpieces, artefacts of a golden past lovingly preserved inside our showroom. We had the honour of welcoming several local and Italian political dignitaries as well as distinguished names from the world of cycling, including members of professional teams who had just crossed the line of the latest stage. It was an indescribable emotion to drink a toast to the teams with whom we share joys and sorrows every year, to shake the racers’ hands and put a face to the athletes on whose behalf we pour our best energies into saddle designs: unforgettable moments for people like us whose lives rotate around a love for cycling. We didn’t stop for a moment. But we in Selle Italia are convinced that any amount of toil and sacrifice is an investment that yields tenfold and our overriding passion for excellence helps us rise above any sense of fatigue. Let us just say that it runs in the blood.




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