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A team with no limits

A team with no limits

Team Novo Nordisk is the world’s first team consisting entirely of diabetic athletes – but this does not prevent them from participating in the most important races in the UCI international calendar. And getting great results.

Stephen Clancy and Brian Kamstra explain that their goal is to support and encourage millions of diabetic patients worldwide, showing them that this disease should not be an obstacle to a fully satisfying life, also in sporting terms.


Brian Our mission is to inspire, educate, and motivate diabetic patients all over the world. We want to show them what can be achieved despite the barriers thrown up by this condition.

We follow the exact same training as non-diabetic athletes. During the winter, we focus on laying down a solid foundation for the race season. Each week we put in on average about 20-30 hours on the bike plus a few gym sessions.


Stephen – Despite the diabetes, we ride at least 100-150 km every day.

But it’s the training who decides what kind of session it’s going to be. It might be a long, tiring trip, a completely flat course, a “tough” uphill course, or a stamina-building day.


 Brian – When I train I like a lot of variation in the type of effort and course, so that we can do something different every day.

What never changes is that when we ride in groups in a recovery phase I always stop for a good coffee ….

During the competitive season, however, there’s little room for relaxation: we go from one race to another, and when you’re not competing, you need to recover and prepare for the next race.


Stephen – On the subject of saddles, on average we spend about 3 to 7 hours each day sitting on this basic component so, as far as I’m concerned, if I feel comfortable I can concentrate completely on my performance rather than be distracted by various aches and discomforts. Pedalling in the correct position, being comfortable and aerodynamically efficient definitely has a strong impact on performance.


Brian – Saddles are one of the most important factors for cyclists. Form and comfort are essential. I’m not just talking about professionals. Even in cycle touring the wrong saddle can ruin the fun and the pleasure of a wonderful sport like ours.

The ideal saddle for me must be rigid, lightweight, and of course comfortable. It’s important to find the right model, size and positioning; once I find the “ideal point of balance”, I use the same saddle for training and in the competition.


Stephen – My saddle? The Flite by Selle Italia for mass-start races, and the Kronos Tekno Flow for time trials.


Brian – For me the SLR is definitely the top saddle!




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