Selle Italia: italian saddles leader since 1897


Leading The Way In Saddle Design for 120 years.

The great adventure of Selle Italia began just outside of Milan in the village of Corsico in 1897. Selle Italia was originally founded to make saddles for everyday bicycles used for transportation.

Back then, automobiles were an unaffordable for most and the bicycle was the transport of choice for many. Fast forward to the late 1970′s. The automobile had long replace the bicycle as a primary mode of transport and cycling was more for sport than anything.

The Bigolin family took over Selle Italia and began an upward trajectory that propelled Selle Italia to the top with continuous product innovation encompassing new construction techniques and using new materials. This innovation and vision has made Selle Italia the acknowledged #1 source for high-end bicycle saddles worldwide.


Performance discovered a further evolutionary spurt with the SLR C59, the lightest saddle ever produced by Selle Italia, which exalts carbon's typical virtues of lightness and design in just 63 grams. A true masterpiece of research by Selle Italia. Functionality, shape and materials inspired by hi-tech aeronautics.


Iron came into play. This model proved Selle Italia's additional, greater interest in performance with the creation of a product specifically designed for triathletes.


Another momentous step in the company's history: idmatch came on the scene: the revolutionary system that allows you to find your ideal saddle in a few steps, based on your physical characteristics as a cyclist. A scientific method that, through the innovative Smart Caliper, now allows you to find the most comfortable saddle for you in just thirty seconds of measurement.


2013: Selle Italia presents the restyling of the FLITE Family. In the past 5 years Selle Italia’s R&D department have been conduction specific ergonomic studies in order to define the “Perfect Saddle”: wider setting platform, supportive yet minimal padding, ultra slim, lightweight, great performance.


2012: Selle Italia introduces SLR SUPERFLOW that featuring a wide central pressure relief cut out is the result of the most scientific studies concerning the dynamics of how the human body rests on the saddle.


2011: Selle Italia introduces FRICTION FREE TECHNOLOGY, a new saddle design with a slimmed-down saddle nose profile to reduce friction and help riders generate more power.


2010: Selle Italia creates MONOLINK: a revolutionary seatpost design, with innovative carbon fibre technology and a new clamping system that allows an extended rail adjustability.


2008: Selle Italia presented OPTIMA, a specific triathlon carbon saddle with integrated bottle cage.


2007: The carbon had a hard role: we tamed it. Pure lightness and elegance. CX ZERO is a refined carbon shell, a perfect synthesis of lightness, reliability and design.


2006: Selle Italia innovates YUTAAK, a saddle designed for technical off road riding, thanks to an exclusive worldwide collaboration with VIBRAM with rubber inserts with extra cushioning.


2005: Selle Italia introduces THOORK, a mountain specific saddle that is an evolution of SIGNO, and equipped with the Axial Pivot System (APS), for more efficiency.


2004: Selle Italia launches SIGNO, a new ergonomic concept saddle with aggressive design, Vanox carbon composite rails and the Axial Pivot System (APS), a revolutionary integrated suspension system that adapts to pedalling to increase efficiency.


2003: SLR &Flite available with Kit Carbonio, rails produced in a special alloy tube called Vanadium-Titanium wrapped in braided carbon fibre.


2002: Selle Italia creates GEL FLOW technology, combining the shock-absorbing properties of Gel with the anatomic benefits of the TRANS AM.


2000: Selle Italia creates the SLR , a saddle the cutting edge of lightness and performance. Like FLITE, SLR was an immediate sensation.


1998: Selle Italia creates the TRANS AM, first saddle with an opening in the middle of the saddle for more flexibility and to relieving pressure in the perineal area.


1994: Selle Italia innovates co-moulding technology with integrated elastomers.


1992: Selle Italia introduces TITANIUM rail saddles for lower weight & increased strength.


1991: Selle Italia introduces GENUINE GEL, silicone gel inserts at key support points that absorb road surface vibration for more comfort.


1990: Selle Italia creates the FLITE, a milestone in the history of bicycle saddle design. FLITE was the precursor of very lightweight saddles: for the first time, saddle weight was <200 grams and a slimmer profile reduced friction surface was considerably reduced. FLITE was an immediate sensation.


1984: Selle Italia patents the first shock absorbing system with 3 integrated shock absorber elastomer pads positioned in the key points of contact between saddle rail and shell.


1980: Selle Italia creates the TURBO, the first completely anatomic saddle.





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